Bence Szabo

Site building, Wordpress lead

Bence is our lead website developer, specialising in WordPress sites. He is also familiar in front-end technologies like Vue.js or React and back-end programming, for example PHP, MySQL. Since graduating in Business Informatics from the University of Szeged, a leading European IT and business hub, Bence has worked with clients from around the world, covering industries as varied as communication, construction, healthcare and urban development.

Some of the brands Bence has worked with

VCC Live

Provides high-level professional communication services.


A lively district by the fjord

Bayer Construct

Group of companies in the Hungarian building, contracting and developing market


Sensa24 is a health application suitable for digital logging of blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and body weight data.


Professional photography tools


An advanced traning clothes and a smart training system

Star Deutschland

German creative agency

Wil Vivendo/Autobahn NL

Urban development