So, why should you care about Smpl?

Smpl Team

27 Jan 2023

Smpl is all about injecting pace, quality and certainty into digital innovation, while substantially reducing risk.

We have redesigned the way digital platforms, products, and services are created, to:

  • give you the best chance of turning your Big Idea into a massive success
  • save you time, money, and heaps of stress when testing, developing and launching new ideas

That’s why you should care about Smpl.

Here’s how we do that, explained in one minute

How you benefit

Smpl takes complex problems and crafts simple solutions designed to surprise and delight users.

We promise to bring our clients’ digital ideas to life more efficiently and effectively than anyone else. That’s true whether you’re building something entirely new or improving what you’ve already got.

We offer clients:

  • The confidence they are creating the right product or service in the right way for the right people
  • Instant progress from the very start, ensuring momentum is kept up, and colleagues, investors, and stakeholders remain engaged and happy
  • Delighted customers, following an expert, efficient, effective – and low stress! – development process
You can read about one client we helped do just that here
Let’s get you airborne

Who are we?

We are industry-leading entrepreneurs, designers, and developers from across the world, who came together with a simple credo:

“It shouldn’t be so damn hard to create amazing digital platforms, products, and services.”

Smpl is made up of professionals with deep expertise across the whole design and development chain, as well as seasoned innovators who have launched, grown and sold businesses themselves.

We have offices in:

  • London, UK
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Stavanger, Norway
  • Szeged, Hungary
You can find out all about our amazing team here.
Some of the amazing entrepreneurs, designers, and developers from Smpl

What kind of projects do we do?

If it’s digital and it can be built, then we’re ready to go.

We are an integrated agency that brings together:

  • Strategic and tactical advice
  • Creative design & branding
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) expertise
  • Development / engineering
  • Brand & Marketing

Having all these elements – and integrating them from the start of your project – is the thing that makes us different and saves you large amounts of cost, time, and stress.

Digital platforms, products & services we’ve designed and developed recently include:

  • The Airbnb of camping – creating a one-stop digital shop for customers to plan and book their trips, while giving campsite owners a single trusted sales platform
  • An award-winning sustainability reporting platform for the oil and gas industry, allowing companies and their suppliers to chart environment impact throughout the supply chain
  • A personalised onboarding and learning platform that gives staff across a hotel group a single, personalised, access point for information they need to do their job, whatever role they are in
  • A bespoke community / social media platform for tech entrepreneurs
A smartphone with the No Hao service on the screen
The No Hao onboarding and learning platform we created for a hotel chain client

How do we do it?

When you want to build a digital solution you usually have to navigate expertise in three different silos – or often three different companies – which can be time-consuming, disjointed, and frustrating.

We have brought the whole process together, then redesigned it to vastly improve your experience and outcomes.

The expertise that enabled us to do this runs deep in Smpl. We have built digital companies ourselves, so when you meet with us, you are talking to people who know what it takes to build business critical digital solutions.

Smpl combines three core offers:

  • Business Advisory: We are here as your independent digital advisor, helping you identify, optimise, and quickly respond to opportunities. We’ve helped build clients into successful global brands, founded our own companies, and even floated them on Wall Street. And, along the way, we have built more digital platforms, products, and services than we can count
  • A 5-day clickable prototype: From day one our advisors, designers, and engineers all come together to unleash an idea’s potential. By quickly creating an interactive prototype clients gain clarity, credibility, and momentum 
  • Our unique design and development process: We have re-engineered the digital design and development process, so that design, UX/UI and development are integrated from the outset. This removes much of the confusion, cost and stress inherent in digital projects, building in partnership and predictability instead. And we can call on more than 30 developers (and have access to more if needed), so capacity is never a problem
Lasse walking a camel
Nothing to see here. Just Smpl co-founder Lasse taking a camel for a walk.

Meet Smpl’s founders

If you like stories of building billion dollar firms, alongside tales of pirates, camels, lego, and going to war by mistake, then you’ll enjoy these interviews with our founders…

  • Lasse Andresen, Smpl’s start-up titan, on building his billion-dollar SaaS company, why he doesn’t trust ‘unique’ ideas, and the power of getting started
  • Andreas Melvær, our General Manager and Head of Design, on how to make or break a digital project, why impossible ideas matter, and being mistaken for a pirate
  • Michael Millar, Smpl’s Head of Marketing & Brand, on the power of self-belief, the biggest marketing mistake start-ups and big corporations make, and going to war by mistake
  • Andras Toth, our Head of Development, on creating monsters, mistakes that wreck digital projects, and being one of the ‘Jinxed Ones’
  • Bjørn Ivar Knudsen, our Chairman and UX genius, on the random comment that inspired his market-leading tech firm, the size of fish, and having unresolved issues with Lego
  • Desi Olsen, our Head of Business Advisory, on building successful international brands and having to decide between survival and fashion
We hope this brief introduction to Smpl has been useful. If you want to find out more how we can bring your Big Idea to life faster, more efficiently – and considerably less stressfully! – than anyone else, we’d love to hear from you.
Click here to email our General Manager Andreas, or leave us a message here.

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