News! SmplCo signs deal with UK’s Barclays bank

Smpl Team

01 Jul 2024

We’re delighted to announce SmplCo has signed a partnership with Barclays, one of the UK’s biggest banks.
The SmplCo UX design team in our office holding Barclays and SmplCo logos
Our UX/UI designers are ready to go!

SmplCo will deliver its services through the bank’s incubator, Barclays Eagles Labs, which has supported over 13,000 start-ups and high-growth businesses.

We will offer our unique, 5-Day Prototype service to firms across Eagle Labs’ UK-wide network, helping start-ups and scale-up businesses to test their ideas, land investment, and win customers.

And we’re in good company… We join the likes of Microsoft as one of only 10 companies taking part in Eagle Labs’ ‘Deals & Offers’ service.

Some of our 5-Day Prototypes in action

“Huge validation”

Andreas Melvær, SmplCo’s managing partner, said too many start-ups and scale-ups struggle with delays, costs and risks, and this partnership was a huge validation our efforts to change that.

“A lot of the problems come from a product design industry that is often incentivised by the hour, while lacking the expertise to support entrepreneurs,” he said.

“We created the 5-Day Prototype so innovators could bring their ideas to life in a week, with support from a team of entrepreneurs who have built and sold their own businesses,” Andreas added.

Andreas Melvaer, Managing Partner of SmplCo, in our Norway office
Andreas Melvaer, Managing Partner of SmplCo

Barclays Eagle Labs’ mission to support the UK’s entrepreneurial community goes to the heart of SmplCo’s own mission to make it as easy as possible for innovators bring great digital products and services to life.

“It’s a perfect partnership and we’re excited to get started,” Andreas said.

If you want to find out more about our 5-Day Protoyping service, or just talk to the team about how you can bring your Big Idea to life faster, more efficiently, and with less risk, let us know.
Click here to email our MD Andreas, or leave us a message here.

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